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  • grizzly9 04/25/12 2:49 am PST

    Ok, the first thing you need to do is to verify that the distributor has been properly installed. Here is how to do this.
    Object Number: 334551  Size: SH

    Important: Rotate the number 1 cylinder to Top Dead Center (TDC) of the compression stroke. The engine front cover has 2 alignment tabs and the crankshaft balancer has 2 alignment marks (spaced 90 degrees apart) which are used for positioning number 1 piston at top dead center (TDC). With the piston on the compression stroke and at top dead center, the crankshaft balancer alignment mark (1) must align with the engine front cover tab (2) and the crankshaft balancer alignment mark (4) must align with the engine front cover tab (3).

    1. Rotate the crankshaft balancer clockwise until the alignment marks on the crankshaft balancer are aligned with the tabs on the engine front cover and the number 1 piston is at top dead center of the compression stroke.
      Object Number: 301395  Size: SH

    2. Align white paint mark on the bottom stem of the distributor, and the pre-drilled indent hole in the bottom of the gear (3). Notice: The distributor driven gear and rotor may be installed in multiple positions. In order to avoid mistakes, mark the distributor on the following components in order to ensure the same mounting position upon reassembly:
      The distributor driven gear
      The distributor shaft
      The rotor holes
      Installing the driven gear 180 degrees out of alignment, or locating the rotor in the wrong holes, will cause a no-start condition. Premature engine wear or damage may result.

    3. With the gear in this position, the rotor segment should be positioned as shown for a V6 engine (1) or V8 engine (2).
      The alignment will not be exact.
      If the driven gear is installed incorrectly, the dimple will be approximately 180 degrees opposite of the rotor segment when the gear is installed in the distributor.

      Object Number: 34397  Size: SH

    4. Using a long screw driver align the oil pump drive shaft to the drive tab of the distributor.
    5. Guide the distributor into the engine. Ensure that the spark plug towers are perpendicular to the centerline of the engine.
      Object Number: 4350  Size: SH

    6. Once the distributor is fully seated, the rotor segment should be aligned with the pointer cast into the distributor base.
      This pointer may have a 6 cast into it, indicating that the distributor is to be used on a 6 cylinder engine or a 8 cast into it, indicating that the distributor is to be used on a 8 cylinder engine.
      If the rotor segment does not come within a few degrees of the pointer, the gear mesh between the distributor and the camshaft may be off a tooth or more.
      If this is the case, repeat the procedure again in order to achieve proper alignment.

      Object Number: 366609  Size: SH

      Notice: Use the correct fastener in the correct location. Fasteners requiring replacement or fasteners requiring the use of thread locking compound or sealant are identified in the service procedure. Do not use paints, lubricants, or corrosion inhibitors on fasteners or fastener joint surfaces unless specified. These coatings affect fastener torque and joint clamping force and may damage the fastener. Use the correct tightening sequence and specifications when installing fasteners in order to avoid damage to parts and systems.
    7. Install the distributor mounting clamp bolt. Tighten
      Tighten the distributor clamp bolt to 25 N·m (18 lb ft).
      Object Number: 301393  Size: SH

    8. Install the distributor cap.
    9. Install two NEW distributor cap screws. Tighten
      Tighten the screws to 2.4 N·m (21 lb in).
    10. Install the electrical pigtail to the distributor.
    11. Install the spark plug wires to the distributor cap.
      Object Number: 341359  Size: SH

    12. Install the ignition coil wire. The wire must not touch anything like the dip stick. Rubbing will make a ground/short after time of use.
      Object Number: 18446  Size: SH

    13. For V8 engines, connect a scan tool.
    14. Monitor the Camshaft Retard Offset value. Important: If the Malfunction Indicator lamp is turned on after installing the distributor, and a DTC P1345 is found, the distributor has been installed incorrectly.

  • roboman 04/25/12 7:53 am PST

    this is a response to the first answer (since I couldn't figure out how otherwise).

    I did all this my scan tool does not have a reading for the camshaft position sensor retard. (which is how I am feeling about now). It does show a timing advance value.

    I need a better answer not just reposting from the shop manual which I already have.

    There could be many issues like the cam pos or crankshaft pos sensors could be faulty. The timing chain could be strecth (doubt enough to keep it from starting) or jumped a tooth. I could have blown the computer (which I also doubt). This am I will build a test circuit to see if the cam and crankshaft posistion sensor are outputing data and how close they are together.

  • brockrg 11/21/12 7:55 pm PST

    Pull number one plug and find the TDC ON THE COMPRESSION STROKE. Move the distributor unitl the rotor is pointing directly at the number one location on the cap.Yes you can move the crank in park. once you have the distributor in the proper position replace the cap and replace the plug. WHen you try to start the engine you may have to slightly rotate the distributor until it starts. You will have to find someone with an OBD2 scanner to fine tune the distributor location.


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