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  • zaken1 08/01/11 2:04 am PST

    In order to give a useful answer to this question; we need more information: Do you mean the starter cranks the motor, but it does not fire; or do you mean that the starter does not turn the motor? Please turn on the headlights, and tell us what happens to the brightness of the headlights when you turn the key to start.

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  • tekk56 08/02/11 6:07 am PST

    the 99 crown vic turns over fine and it actually ran for about 5 minutes if you can define ran as in when i gave it gas it would not rev up was really hot out that day the motor just sat and coughed and shook when i turned it off i checked the air filter and i found a huge lint ball? after that the car would not even try to start although it would still turn over and over!

  • zaken1 08/02/11 11:52 am PST

    In view of that; I recommend thoroughly cleaning the mass aiflow sensor (only with mass airflow sensor spray), and cleaning the throttle body and the idle air control valve. Replace the fuel filter and the spark plugs.

  • zaken1 08/02/11 12:24 pm PST

    One other possibility to consider; when the timing chain jumps out of synch; it usually does it at the moment when the motor is being turned off. Once that happens; the car will no longer start. The timing chain would have to be replaced to correct this problem.


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