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  • zaken1 09/03/11 1:13 am PST

    It could be that the coil, plugs, or wires you bought were the wrong part or were defective. It also might be that you did not properly clear the code after the repair. The other possibility is that there is a vacuum leak in the plenum, plenum gasket, or a vacuum hose. Have the code read and see if it is the same one. If it is now a different cylinder; there probably is a vacuum leak or a cracked plenum. Even if it is the same cylinder; there still might be a vacuum leak.

  • esau173 09/04/15 6:06 pm PST

    I had the same problems with my 1999 Ford winstar , I did the same thing
    you did, and the problem came back again, , I found out later that the timing chain had to be replace because this ford winstar do not have a
    timing belt it is a timing chain. Once i did that my problems where over.
    I hope this well help. And it is not a cheap job the cost was 998.67.


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