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  • tony78 08/23/09 6:40 pm PST

    1. install a battery disconnect switch in the engine compartment next to the battery.

    napa auto parts sells one for under $ 20.00

    2. look for battery drain.

    a. disconnect battery, check battery voltage after 1 day, if voltage is 2-3 volts less than full charge, battery is faulty.

    b. checking for a drain ( parasitic leak ) involves disconnecting circuit by circuit to locate problem area.

    c. one thing i have noticed is that a very large percentage of jaguar xk8 in your model year suffer from this malady,,apparently the electrics are not as reliable or as high quality as american, german, or japanese cars.

  • 49markvman 04/09/12 2:12 pm PST

    Three days is a bit less than normal. But the battery drain on any modern XJ or XK is considerably higher than one would expect - mostly due to the security features and computers that remain activated after locking the cars. Although connecting a battery disconnect will preserve the battery, it also deactivates the security features. I have several XJs/XKs that sit for weeks or sometimes months without use and this has been a constant issue. If you lock the car using the key instead of the remote it reduces the battery drain (but also deactivates a portion of the security systems. I purchased a 10 watt solar charger (about $50), installed it on the right side of the rear parcel shelf on my XJs, and wired it directly to the battery. I have had no problems since then even when it has been cloudy. Good luck.


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