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  • karjunkie 08/20/08 12:06 pm PST

    This is a complicated procedure as you have a ZF transmission that is a "sealed unit" On the bottom of the transmission there are two plugs on the transmission pan. One is the drain plug that opens with an 8mm hex driver. The other is a check/fill plug that is recessed into the pan that opens with a 17mm hex driver. To fill, you have to attach a tube to the check/fill opening after removing the plug and run it up by the side of the car several feet above the pan level and attach a funnel to the top of the tube to gravity feed the fluid into the transmission. Also, be very careful what ATF fluid you use. These transmissions use a very expensive long life fluid that must meet the manufacturer's specs. I believe the original ATF was Esso LT 71141, so you must make sure that whatever you add is compatible. I believe Mobil1 Synthetic ATF is compatible and readily available, but please double check.

  • fordfan_17 08/20/08 2:10 pm PST

    you will need 3.5 quarts of the above mentioned fluid for a service refill. or a dry fill of 9 quarts and fluid type is very critical


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