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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/06/09 2:44 pm PST

    You can certainly check your fuses but I think the entire instrument cluster would fail if you lost a fuse. Really the best way is to use a scan tool to diagnose this issue. You may have lost a ground in the fuel gauge/fuel sending unit circuit. This circuit uses a separate ground from any other in the car so as to eliminate voltage variations which might affect accuracy.

  • ggeeoo 01/10/09 11:59 pm PST

    The needle is stuck under the post. I drilled a small hole in the plastic,then a flattened a paperclip
    with a hook and gently pulled the needle on the guage it snapped in to place. Could not figure
    out how to get the dash off.

  • boplenty 07/30/10 8:18 pm PST

    after a normal gas fill yesterday, the gas gauge flipped way over and layed under the empty line pin. after reading the google posts, i decided to try a magnet to move the needle while the ignition was off. IT WORKED!

  • jral 08/03/10 1:49 am PST

    Yes, my Park avenue ultra did the same thing after disconnecting the battery to clean the battery posts. I thought the gage failed and didnt think much of it. I ordered a used gage cluster $120 from my local wrecking yard. Then my 17 year old son noticed the gas gage needle was actually stuck UNDER the little post at the empty mark. So he read on these forums a MAGNET could pull it back around and Surpise surprise IT worked!! It seems to be a Buick Flaw with those gas gage needles spinning all the way around. And NOT the gas gage failing. OH the Tach did the same thing. I reved the engine high and the tach needle beecame active, went around by itself and became functional again. OH and Just F.Y.I for you 1997 to 2004 Park avenue owners: The Climate Control Digital display Has all kinds of dim, not lit, sometimes lit, thump it and it brightens up, comes on bright then dims etc.... This is loose solder connections in some high capacity capacitors on the mother board of the control module. An easy fix with a solder iron solder and solder braid. They all have the same issue.


  • jral 08/03/10 2:06 am PST

    I have another 1997-2004 buick park avenue TIP: to remove the gage cluster ( speedo,tach,fuel gage, temp gage,info center etc) when you open the drivers door you will see the vent tube that goes from the dash to the door a black rubber round thing on the left end of the dash. that whole piece snaps off and on.( be careful as not to break it when removing it) remove it and there is one visable screw 7mm remove that. then put your gear slector in 1st gear, move you steering wheel all the way down. Then go to the passenger side in the same area remove the Faux woods strip at the corner to the right of the climate control selector,(carefully) this should allow the entire Faux wood strip to come loose, but wires will be connected. care full disconnect all the wires but remember what goes where. after you pull down the faux woods strip you can easily pull the facade, that holds the gage cluster in,.. toward you and out. exposing the screws necessary to remove the gage cluster. after you remove the screws pull the cluster fowards and reach behind and pinch and pull the flat wireing harness loose and then out. releaseing the cluster. pull it out and put the new one in. At this point the radio/cd/tape player screws are visable, as are the temperature control modual screws. Granting you easy access to them, to beable to pull them out and change them the same way you did the gage cluster. CAREFUL when REACHING behind the module,radio,and temp control,to remove the wireing harness they come loose after a hard tug, but send ur knuckles backward into the painful hard plastic and metal frameing. I recommend a slight rocking pull to make them come apart. Remember the Faux Wood trim that goes across the center of the dash is fragile and can easily break ( a $279 mistake) if you break it. However the wireing harnesses that hold the radio and temp control module are bulletproof, so pull hard to remove them or you will be in your park avenue all day.

  • crazyslick 12/13/10 5:53 pm PST

    I had the same problem with my gas gauge, after replaceing my battery. I took a 1 inch x 1 inch magnet with a small paper towel so I would not scrach the plastic lens cover, and placed it on the gas gauge needle and moved it back around, it worked great


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