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  • coxkosmalski 09/24/08 9:06 pm PST

    Steve, sorry it took me so long to respond. The gc's came, early on with a 16 tooth reluctor ring on the crankshaft. This was replaced with a 32 tooth ring ( not sure why). You can find out by referencing the VIN number 8th digit being an "n" means you have an 16 tooth reluctor ring. Regardless you need to find out which one you have. A motor from a dodge truck could work only if the reluctor ring where the same or changed to it (big job). I got lucky and found an engine for a steal on the internet locally. It's up to you wheather you rebuild the engine you have or get one from a junk yard. I found junk yards to be very difficult. I'll get to the point, I would suggest either get an engine that has already been rebuilt and comes with a three year warranty or find a used one with no more than 80k on it. You can get rebuilt engines from auto zone, murrays and the such or search your local engine builders or scrap dealers or craigs list.

    Good luck!

  • deano2367 03/05/11 3:12 pm PST

    If you have a 99 Jeep Gand Cherokee with a 4.7 you can only get another 4.7 from a 99 or 2000 Grand Cherokee. If you get one from these two years you willnot have to worry bout the number of splines on the crankshaft because these two year vehicles where equipped with either a 4.0 or 4.7 engine. The 4.0 could be put in the the truck but the wiring harness and the transmission will not bolt up to the 4.0!!! I am getting ready to pull one from a customers truck next week and have done the research. Hopefully this will help you.


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