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  • morin2 08/16/12 10:58 am PST

    Like your mechanic, I would also point out that this car has no "reset" for tire pressure. Later models had tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) - but they "reset" when you inflate your tires from an underinflated condition. I recommend that you check your tire pressure with a hand dial-type tire pressure guage when the car has been parked in the garage or in the shade (cold - not right after driving it). This should be done often. I do it to every vehicle in my fleet every weekend. Include checking the tire pressure of the spare if you can reach it.

    Do an actual calculation of your fuel economy by dividing the miles driven by the # of gallons used to drive those miles. Only then will you know if the fuel usage is excessive.

  • morin2 08/16/12 11:35 am PST

    Well, mea culpa, I stand corrected. This car has a tire inflation monitor system (long before the feature became mandatory). My advice though, still stands, ignore that system and check your tire pressure manually with a tire guage.

    Small tire compressors that plug into your cig. lighter port or power outlet can be bought for less than $20. They weigh very little and can be carried in your trunk.


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