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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/10/09 12:24 pm PST

    Overheating can be very tough to diagnose as the causes are multiple.

    You should probably have the cooling system pressurized and then extract the spark plugs and look for coolant on them (bad head gasket).

    Also you can have your radiator flow-tested by a radiator shop to see if it's crudded up.

    You can also chemically test the coolant for the presence of combustion gases.

  • POPSDCJ 01/10/09 3:57 pm PST

    Why don't the fans come on when it gets hot? and why no codes in the computer?

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/10/09 5:12 pm PST

    The other poster reminded me that some independent shops might not be able to scan as "deeply" as the dealer or as other machines in other shops. His machine, in other words, might not be able to read all the codes.

  • POPSDCJ 01/10/09 5:53 pm PST

    but why are the cooling fans not coming on?

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/10/09 7:27 pm PST

    Well since he still overheats with the fans hard-wired to run continously, that's not his first problem----the overheating MIGHT have caused a head gasket failure, that is true, stemming from the fans not working in the first place.

  • robert137 02/04/09 10:52 pm PST

    If your cadillac has a crossflow radiator they are prone to plugging.You might check that out.

  • leoorozco 03/15/09 6:08 pm PST

    on the tank there is an upper hose that plugs into the thermostat housing, remove and unplug will solve your problem

    I have the same car with the same problem. it also maybe now a head gasket problem.

    do you use oil?


  • leoorozco 03/15/09 6:10 pm PST

    you want to remove the piece where the hose goes into, it get pluged.

    also blow air to the reservoir tank

    good luck


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