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  • karjunkie 08/13/09 8:33 am PST

    Do you have a check engine light on? If so the easiest way to get at what is wrong is to have your local auto parts store do a free OBD II scan to see what codes you get. However, based on your symptoms, I suspect you have a bad crankshaft position (CPS) sensor. It is a cheap and easy fix as it just bolts on the intake side of the engine case with one 10mm metric bolt and it has an electrical connector that just snaps on to the wiring harness. The CPS sensor often causes the symptoms you describe. There are several other things to check for a stalling/no start problem. I would change the spark plugs, fuel filter and the air filter. Make sure your injectors are clean and functioning properly. Run some Techron Concentrate injector cleaner through a couple of tanks of gasoline. Lastly, clean the MAF sensor wires in the intake plenum with CRC sensor spray. All these steps are easy and cheap to do and are advisable anyway since they are maintenance items. Good luck!


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