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  • kerrysmustangs 02/16/09 1:42 am PST

    I'm guesing you have the same problem I do with my 1999 F150 heater. There is a motor on the back of the heater box that controls a flap in the box. It sticks or goes bad. I have been told its a $30.00 part and a 6-7 hour job. I think its in the area back behind the glove compartment. I've haven't tried to fix mine yet, but try this trick I've figured out to make the heater work. Turn your heater control knob to the off position while sitting still. Turn the temperature control knob to the hotest position and have the fan turned on to the lowest speed. After a few seconds, turn the heat control knob back on to the defrost position and after a few seconds, accelerate quickly. When you do, you should hear the flap in the heater box flip back and your heater should work. The centrifical force puts the flap where it needs to be for the heater. At least this has been working for me. That flap will probably also cause you problems in the summer with the air conditioner blowing heated air. It will be blowing cold and then you hit a bump in the road. That jars the flap and presto, ... hot air. You can play with that and get it to work again about the same way. This is what I have been doing until I get the time to fix it. Good Luck.


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