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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/10/08 10:45 am PST

    You'll need a wiring diagram to see if/where these particular circuits intersect, or if they are on the same fuse or controlled by a module of some sort. Often car stereo shops will print you a wiring diagram for a small fee. Without that, you are working in the dark (no pun intended). Naturally you can check all your fuses (pull them out to check them and use an ohmeter) and clean and tighten your battery cable connections.

  • kiawah 03/10/08 7:09 pm PST

    You can try [ Link Not Allowed ] , so see if they have your vehicle's service manuals. Usually for a small fee, they will give you access for two or three days. Enough to print off the specific area you need.

  • mastertech19 05/01/09 5:09 pm PST

    does the cruise control work just an idea i found a problem once with a focus simular problems if your cruise doesnt work check to see if the third brake light works the cruise control circuit ground through the third brake light and the one i had was not plugged in.Also check the TR switch for problems they have casued radio problems as well hope this helps other wise U can be into much further diagnose such as GEM module not functioning properly hoope this helps give that a try.And let me know what u find


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