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  • knockster 11/18/08 7:39 pm PST

    Check the connections at the alternator and the solenoid and make sure they are all tight. Then test those areas with a multimeter and see what the voltage is.

  • canddmeyer 11/19/08 4:24 am PST

    Replace the starter.

  • jsimmes 12/30/11 8:18 pm PST

    This is going to sound stupid but try barely turning the key instead of turning it fully. You should beable o see the difference between a full turn and slight turn on the dashboard lights.... that answer costed me 1200 ( the price of a fuel pump and labor)

  • asecertified 12/30/11 9:28 pm PST

    two things to check first the battery cables one could be breaking down the second is when it wont crank tap on the starter if it cranks up the brushes in the starter are going bad and starter needs replacing you may have to have some one turn the key while you tap on the starter

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