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  • jwlehrke 01/14/13 8:40 pm PST

    jesnicole1985, It sounds like there was an interuption in electrical power from the battery. Check connections. Once you've established the power souce is good you can reset the tach and speedo by turning the key to the run position. Not as far as the start position where the motor is cranking. In the run position press the odometer reset button for approx. 3-5 secs. or until you see the gauges go to max. then back to zero let off button. You may have to disarm the security system first. Do this by pressing the unlock button on the key fob 6 times. Horn should sound 3 times and your reset. When you first set the alarm the red diode light flashes fast for 16 secs. while system arms itself. If there is an interuption in the prearm 16 secs. the alarm will not arm. If the system arms after 16 secs, the flashing diode light will slow down blinking. It is really quite complicated to make new keys and reset key fobs. You can download Owners manuals pdf. for free from Chrysler corporation. My directions might not be as clear as theirs. Allthewayjumper!

  • mia34 02/28/14 11:13 am PST

    IT tells how to re-set in your owners manual.
    THE real answer is to by paas the anti thieft and so it will not function. It is a big problem 0n older JEEPS. One shut down is one to many for me.


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