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  • 4x4lover1 02/22/15 6:52 am PST

    This sounds like the same problem I had. When the WJ model was first released the transfere case was filled with automatic transmission fluid. However, Jeep found that they had a problem in that, especialy when cold, the new limited slip clutch system that replaced the earlier viscous coupling in the transfere case would judder as it engaged. The fix is remarkably simple. You need to drain your transfere case of the ATF fluid and replace it with Mopar MV247 fluid. It's only available from Jeep dealers generaly although you might be able to get some on eBay. It's a bit pricy at about £30 a litre. Thee case takes 1.6 litres. There is also a limited slip aditive that can help when added to the MV247 fluid but that's only about £8. Most motor spares shops will try to sell you ATF as that's all they list but trust me on this don't put ATF in an NV247 transfere case. ATF won't cause any damage generaly but long term if you keep getting that grabbing noise (Sounds like a hammer hitting the underside of the car) it's not good for the car.


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