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  • Stever@Edmunds 05/21/09 11:35 pm PST

    It's usually the rear blower that fails on the older Quests. You may get some ideas from reading about that problem in the CarSpace forum.

    In doing a search on the CarSpace Vans forums for "blower only works on high", I see some hits that talk about bad blower motor resistors. I'm not enough of a mechanic (or electrician) to tell you where to look for that though.

  • joeyandsandi 09/28/09 1:40 pm PST

    I am not expert.. just a "shade tree" mechanic.. However, I have found that my blower only works on high when the fuse under the dash marked "electronic parts" is out. It is a 10amp and it is cheap to check it out b4 you get too involved. It is kind of in the middle on the right hand side of the box.


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