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  • karjunkie 08/18/08 12:57 pm PST

    The sparkplug wires are often the reason for this. One way to determine whether this is the problem is to check under the hood when the engine is idling, at night in a dark location, when the weather is damp. If there is sparking going on between the wires and the engine or between each other that is the sign of the breakdown of the wire insulation. Also check the coil and the distributor cap from which the same wires originate to see if there is any arcing around the towers. If that does not prove to be the problem, then the other thing to do is to check whether the engine controller has detected any faults in the function of the engine. Such faults are stored in the memory and can be readout as two digit fault codes. Any Autozone store will hook up your car to a reader and tell you what codes come up.

  • oldgoldsolara 08/19/08 12:26 pm PST

    Thanks for the timely reply... so I checked the spark plug wires last night during the rain, and this is not the problem for the initial no crank condition experienced. Also, the starter works fine. There are no check engine codes in memeory. Hoping for another possible solution. Does this car have an ignition relay and if so where is it located?

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