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  • zaken1 02/26/11 11:12 pm PST

  • zaken1 02/26/11 11:14 pm PST

    Take off the air intake duct hose to the throttle body, and hold the throttle partly open while you spray a 2 second burst of starting fluid into the throttle body. Then quickly slip the air duct hose back on, and try to start the motor. It if fires and then dies; the fuel is not reaching the engine. But if this doesn't help the starting; then the problem is not in the fuel supply system.

    The fuel pump wiring harness on this model is known to have manufacturing defects. Because of this; manufacturers of quality replacement fuel pumps include a new pump wiring harness with the new pump. My experience has been that the pump wiring harness goes bad more often that the pump does. So a majority of pumps which are replaced are not really defective. Most of the time; the problem is a bad pump wiring harness. This part is inexpensive and can be bought separately. Please also replace the fuel filter. At this age; it is well overdue to change the fuel filter, and that, too could prevent starting if it became plugged.

    Sometimes a fuel pump relay goes bad. There is also another device called a "fuel pump inertia switch" which is designed to cut power to the fuel pump if the vehicle overturns. This switch sometimes goes bad; but not nearly as often as the parts I mentioned previously.

    A timing chain that has broken or jumped out of position will also cause the engine to crank and not fire. So will a defective crankshaft position sensor; or a defective camshaft position sensor. And a bad distributor cap, rotor, ignition module, ignition pickup unit, or ignition coil will also prevent starting.

    It is easy to waste all kinds of money buying parts which are not needed, if you are not sure what the problem comes from. This is why it becomes important to check for spark, compression, and fuel before assuming that the problem is just in one particular system.


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