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  • zaken1 04/28/10 12:50 am PST

    This is probably not a timing chain problem; because when the chain has slipped, the engine usually becomes harder to start, but it will still continue to run, if you keep the accelerator pedal pressed part way down. If the motor shuts off immediately, regardless of what you do with the accelerator; the problem is more likely a defective crankshaft position sensor. 

  • greggypetty 05/06/10 6:37 pm PST

    It is more than likely some sort of sensor. It could be defective and able to be repaired by a mechanic. Hopefully you don't need to replace one completely (if that really is the problem). You can always get silverado truck parts here if you need to though, but I'd rather not buy a whole new part haha.


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