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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/07/08 9:14 pm PST

    No sense guessing. That blinking light means there is a trouble code stored, which you should read to get an idea of where to look.

    Diagnostic Starting Point - Transfer Case

    Begin the system diagnosis with the Diagnostic System Check - Transfer Case. The Diagnostic System Check will provide the following information:

    • The identification of the control module(s), which command the system.
    • The ability of the control module(s) to communicate through the serial data circuit.
    • The identification of any stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and their status.

    The use of the Diagnostic System Check will identify the correct procedure for diagnosing the system and where the procedure is located.

  • nvulcan 12/30/12 5:29 pm PST

    it has been in use. its stuck in 4 wheel low

  • superbird1970 02/24/13 11:34 pm PST

    Itg is the transfer case control module 100% sure just replaced someones module.. you can pick one up for $20 and up from a junk yard it is located in the truck , on passenger side kick panel 3 bolts unplug then plug in new one.. rebolt on new one, replace kick panel and floor sill panel... done , then it will work.. Less than 10 minutes of work, if they say it takes longer they are lying.. You dont really need the OBD 2 to figure out a common problem.. If you ever had heater core problems or replacement the water ruined the module or it is corroded. Happy Motoring!!

    Source: Exoerience and common sense!!


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