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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/02/09 11:51 am PST

    Someone needs to do a battery draw test to see how much current is being sucked off the battery when the car is parked. Anything more than 400 milliamps will drain your battery too much for it to recover overnight. I don't see how a starter can drain current when it's just sitting there.

  • solsen12 05/02/09 12:10 pm PST

    I did a draw test. I eliminated everything up to anything that is not direct fed(doesn't have fuse/relay). The battery wire is direct fed to the starter(by this time the fuses have been reinstalled). Reads no draw. The other 2 wires, which are harnessed together and on the same bolt as the battery wire(have fusable links), show a draw of 11.05. Is one of these wires going to the computer? This assume is my problem, but I do not have a wiring scematic. I have seen this same problem around the internet, but no answers.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/02/09 5:57 pm PST

    You might trying pulling fuses one by one until the draw stops, then figure out which circuit that is and report back to us.

  • solsen12 05/02/09 6:40 pm PST

    That is what I have said from the beginning. I started by pulling all the fuses one by one, including relays. Until all the fuses are out of the whole car(including the relays). As I am doing this, I am looking for a change in my muti meter. It is reading 11.05. I pulled fuses from both boxes inside the car(on each side) and both boxes under the hood. Now, there is no power going to the fuse panels. It is still show a 11.05 drop in power. The alternator is removed, now it is 10.25.Then, the harness coming off the battery is removed from the start silinoide. Multi meter goes to 0. It is not the key side(purple wire), it is on the "always hot" side where there is a harness of fusable links.(2 wire). Does anyone know where these 2 wires go or run(one is orange and changes after the fusable link).

  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/02/09 8:16 pm PST

    You are drawing 11 amps?!!

    are you quite sure you aren't reading voltage?

  • solsen12 05/05/09 7:40 pm PST

    I never said amps, I am trying to find the draw source. I guess I will have to find a wiring diagram to find if these wires go to the computer. I was hoping to catch a Chevy Tech, thank you though...

  • mike01a 10/23/10 11:54 am PST

    I have a similar problem. My battery drains dead overnight and I have a constant 10 amp drain on the battery. I've had 2 different "experts" look at it (including a dealership) and no one can find a problem.

    I'm no expert, but I think a 10 amp drain would be easy to locate and fix. I have pulled fuses and disconnected circuits and the only thing that stops the drain is when I disconnect the battery terminals (both terminals). I guess I better just quit.

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