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  • vetboy89 05/21/08 1:04 pm PST

    Did you ever get this problem resolved? I am having the exact same issue with a 2001 and it is driving me crazy. Replaced coil, cmp and ckp; even went another step and replaced the PCM and had it reprogrammed at the dealer but to no avail.

    Cranks but no start
    Spark at #1 and #4 but no spark on #2 and #3
    Crank signal to coil 1 which runs cyl 1 and 4, but no crank signal to coil 2 for cyl 2 and 3
    Low compression but I think it is just washed down from over cranking at this point.

    If you got this resolved I would love to hear what you did to resolve it.

    Thanks in advance,

  • butticm 08/04/08 1:12 pm PST

    i have no idea's, but i'm having the same problem...what was your conclusion?

  • pt05 03/27/10 7:51 am PST

    I have a 2005 5 speed pt cruiser and the exact same thing happened to my car took it into the dealer and they replaced the cam sensor, crank sensor and then my speedometer sensor
    replaced the clutch too and now my gears do not shift smoothly I actually sprained my wrist struggling with shifting gears took it back and they said thats the way it is there is nothing wrong with it ...Yeah right!
    It's gonna break again I just know it.
    I need help Any suggestions?

  • wolff13 05/21/16 9:24 pm PST

    sounds like your fuel pump there is a chroder valve at the end of the fuel rail youll see a cap that looks like a tire valve cap take it off put key on not running use small screw driver push on valve see how much fuel comes out if none its fuel pump it should have high pressor push again to see if it spray the same if not its the fuel pump

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