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  • karjunkie 09/03/08 8:06 am PST

    There are several common possibilities: they all boil down to lack of fuel, spark or compression. These are all possible regular maintenence items among many other possiblities: spark plugs (worn), ignition wire (worn or cracked), distributor cap (worn or cracked), distributor rotor (worn), fuel filter (clogged), air filter (dirty) and timing belt (timing is off). First, check your air and fuel filter and replace if they have not been changed recently. Next, when the car next refuses to start, pull a spark plug and see if it is wet or dry. If dry, you have a fuel delivery problem, possibly the injectors or the fuel pump. If wet, hold it against the block and see if you get spark when you turn it over. If not, you have an ignition problem. Check the distributor, ignition wires and the coil packs.

  • waggawee 09/03/08 1:10 pm PST

    Your gas pump is breaking down, and just by turning the key on and off result in you enigerizeing the pump. What i need for you to do is turn full ignition on and listen if you hear a low puzzing sound coming from the rear in the gas tank. If your not getting that sound then you know that your gas pump is breaking down for sure, and to solve that problem you'll have to change it.

    Source: auto electrican


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