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  • zaken1 05/10/11 10:32 pm PST

    I would disconnect and thoroughly scrape and clean the wire terminal, the ground bolt, and the underbody surface of the ground connection for the fuel pump wiring harness; and then securely tighten the ground bolt. If this does not fix the problem, I would check all the fuses in both the underhood and passenger compartment fuse blocks for continuity by measuring them with a meter. Sometimes, a fuse can go open in a spot which is not visible to the eye. This is why it is necessary to either test fuses with a meter, or to replace them with a known good fuse of the same current rating. Occasionally; a fuse block may develop an internal open circuit. This can be confirmed by connecting one lead of a 12 volt test light to ground; turning the ignition switch to the position where the dashboard warning lights come on, and probing both terminals for the fuel pump fuse with the remaining lead from the test light. The light should come on when the test lead touches the hot terminal for the fuel pump fuse. If the light does not come on when toucing either terminal for that fuse; it may be necessary to either replace the fuse block, or to run switched and fuse protected battery power to the fuel pump circuit from another location.

  • boss702 05/11/11 12:14 am PST

    i figured the same thing and tested the box it seems alright also checked the groung connection from battery it looked good so i didnt mess with it i seem to be getting a good ground at first there was no spark or fuel i changed the filter and it was so plugged with old gas i also did the pump figuring i would have to soon anyway.wiggling or disturbing the icm (main fuse and relay module)a few times checkin all relays and fuses were fine then tried to crank fuel and fire she turned over now i let it idle for bout 20 min sounded smooth then nothing it died.hasnt turned over again now back to square 1 no spark no fuel replaced battery terminal connecters and still no fire no fuel

  • zaken1 05/11/11 12:41 am PST

    You didn't say before that you are not getting spark or fuel; You just said there was no power to the fuel pump. We need to know these details if you expect us to be able to help you. This changes the picture: what you now report sounds like the crankshaft position sensor is defective. That part will become intermittent when it begins to fail; and it will shut down the motor, and there will be no spark or fuel when it is out. So I would replace the crankshaft position sensor.

    I also need to clarify that the ground I recommended you clean was not the battery ground cable; it was the ground bolt for the fuel pump wiring harness.

    But you are now saying the motor is "not turning over again." We need to be perfectly clear here (as Richard Nixon used to say). To a mechanic; the phrase "engine does not turn over" means the starter motor does not run. But some non-mechanics misuse that term to mean the engine turns over with the starter but does not fire.

    If the engine does not turn over because the starter does not work; please clean the ground cable connection AND THE BATTERY POSTS; even though they both look good to the eye. Corrosion often cannot be seen by eye. If there is a corrosion problem; the headlights will go out if you turn them on and then try to start the motor. That is a sure sign of corroded battery cable terminals (or a missing second ground cable from either the battery negative terminal to a bolt in the inner fender; or a missing second ground cable from an engine bolt to a bolt in the firewall. THERE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE AUXILIARY GROUND CABLES ON THE CAR FOR IT TO RUN RELIABLY.

  • boss702 05/11/11 10:34 am PST

    my apologies for not explaining specifically and i do appreciate you helping me out.what im going to now right now is take back the sensor and get a new one once that is done i will let you know SPECIFICALLY what it is doing and once again i very much appreciate you helping me out.


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