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  • tony78 12/15/09 12:00 am PST

    The blower switch doesn't regulate where the heat goes.

    The blower switch controls the speed of the blower and how much air is blowing from the vents.

    The problem could be a faulty duct door, duct servo motor, electrical connection or a faulty control head.

  • mustangman08 12/29/09 1:16 pm PST

    I assume the last answer was misguided. I understand the question to indicate you have vent selection control, but the fan speed is stuck on low or non existant.
    If the resistor block originally failed due to overheating, which is often the case, there may have been some damage to the wired connector as well. Look for scorching and melting on the pins and connector housing. The new block gets hot as well, and may have further degraded the connector.
    A new connector and wires runs about $80 and comes in parts that have to be assembled/spliced. I have also seen these resistor blocks fail repeatedly and with differing symptoms (like fan stuck on high or no fan at all), although I am inclined to suspect the connector having a loose or damaged blade.
    The rear blower is not associated with the resistor block or harness and is only related upstream at the dash selector panel. I personally have never seen a failure at the controller that relates to fan operation.
    One last thought: if the fan will not operate only after using the defrost or air conditioning (which operates during defrost even though the snowflake isn't lit), check for ice on the housing near the passenger side of the lower console. I have seen condensers ice in the winter and choke the air flow. This is an air conditioning problem that could be a bad condenser, plugged drain, low system charge...
    Hope this helps and good luck.


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