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  • aznraptor 01/19/08 4:29 pm PST

    Make sure your sensors for measuring incoming air are clean.
    Is it only from 1000-2000 rpm?

  • metzger1 01/30/08 3:19 am PST

    try replacing the plug wires. my truck did somthing similiar to this. it fixed the problem

  • suzuki1 02/05/08 6:23 pm PST

    the missing is so obvious now that it is not in just 1 to 2 thousand rmps there is just a lack of power totaly. It is a struggle to get up to 70 mph. and i am wasting a max amount of petro in the process, i have been replaceing the ignition coils 1 by 1 only because money is becoming an issue. but still no results worth talking about. i still have 5 mor to go will keep you guys posted on the results. i will check your suggestions and see what happens. thank you for your help and suggestions.


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