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  • karjunkie 01/05/10 12:52 pm PST

    Your failure description is the classic fail description for a broken blend door, and this is a common problem on the GC due to substandard pins being used in the blender doors. There is an inexpensive DIY kit from www.HeaterTreater.net that will fix the problem and that can be installed through the glove box with a simple cut into the housing without having to remove the dash panel. They also sell a kit for a more permanent repair that will require removal of the dash and the heater box to access the passenger side blend door. This is a MAJOR job requiring about 10 hours repair time.

  • jwlehrke 01/16/13 8:47 pm PST

    golgathan, The Grands had two different heating systems. The ATC and the basic fan and manual temp control. The major fix is about 900 dollars for a blend door or motor that are prone to break. This system went to 2004. If there is no passenger it should be no problem. With me my wife told me immediately and the major fix was on. Duct tape and wire go along way for a permanent fix. Allthewayjumper!


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