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  • docj 04/21/10 5:37 pm PST

    Quit throwing parts at this and take it to have it diagnosed professionally.
    This will get way too costly and the concern wont be corrected.
    The money spent on these unneeded parts can be used towards the diagnostic fees.

    There are way too many things that can cause a stall out with no engine light

    Check with your dealer,these did have recalls on crank sensors and ECM

    But if there arent any open recalls,take it to have it diagnosed properly.you'll be better off ,pocket wise ...

    Doc J

  • zaken1 04/21/10 5:43 pm PST

    This is almost surely NOT a catalytic converter problem (that would have a much greater effect on power under heavy loads than on idle stability). In this situation; I recommend replacing the spark plugs, cleaning the throttle body, inspecting and cleaning or replacing the idle air control valve, and cleaning the mass airflow sensor. Different specialized cleaning products are required for the mass airflow sensor and for the throttle body. These parts can be damaged by using the wrong cleaner, or even by touching the mass airflow sensing element. If you don't know the proper way to clean these parts, then either do some Internet searching to find the right methods; or have it done by a shop.

  • drew4021 10/26/14 3:21 pm PST

    This might be an old post -but to anyone having this problem there's probably a very simple solution. First clean your MAF (mass air flow) sensor with the correct cleaner, then inspect the connector. If the wiring looks old or loose, change the entire harness and make sure your new connector is properly connected and properly secured to prevent vibration from shaking it loose or damaging the wires. This applies to any sensor or harness. I cannot overstate how many times when I thought I had a faulty sensor -it was the connecting harness that had degraded.


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