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  • ray80 01/20/14 3:10 pm PST

    First thing I might check is the fat red connection to the underhood fuse box, that could cause troubles loose or corroded). If the cables are original (or replacements that are like original) make sure the plastic on end isn't pinched between cable and battery. On one of mine during battery replacement (before I got it) there was a ridge built up on the battery where one of the little nubs on cable were and it prevented good connection between flat spot on cable and flat spot on battery (kind of look like washers) .

    If you get radio and lights back but still won't start see if it wil go into neutral and try starting it ( The Brake Transaxle SHift Interlock may be a trouble spot)

  • thecardoc3 01/21/14 9:01 am PST

    Is the key now turning, or is it not? Do you have a voltmeter and are you comfortable using it? Can you get a schematic of the power distribution circuit to and through the ignition switch and the fuse block? Checking fuses means ensuring there is power to, and through the fuse, not just pulling it to see if it is blown.

    Let me know what you are comfortable and capable of doing and if you can follow the instructions and perform the tests I should be able to lead you step by step to the solution.


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