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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/21/08 2:32 pm PST

    Very typical defect I'm told.

    There seems to be a number of ways to do this but I've never tried it and I don't have a Sequoia to experiment on.

    One method suggested is to get a bent coat hanger in under the window seal and try to pull the latch open (I think it works on cables). Then with the hatch open it's so much easier to replace the handle.

    Another suggests a similar method, whereby you wedge a screwdriver between the glass and weatherstipping, and push down on the latch mechanism until it clicks open. This is a good method if your window is DOWN, because unless the window is up, you'll have a hell of a time getting to the latch even with the back panel taken off.

    Once the hatch is open, you can more easily take off the back panel, which you will have to do to replace the latch handle. Be sure you have a new latch handle ready to go in. I think there are just a couple of bolts that hold the latch assembly to the car.

    If you can't work the latch from the outside using the coat hanger, etc, (sometimes you can scratch things up like this), and you don't mind working from inside the car, you can pull off the inside panel and then pull on the cable that opens the hatch.

  • harbo 08/15/10 8:03 pm PST

    There is a cable which you can access from the outside, typically with a screwdriver ( or narrow punch) to press (move) the latch cable as the broken latch lever would have done. It is as though you are pulling (in this case pushing) the cable to open the latch. Once you have it open throw a towel or thick shop rag over the latch (U shaped hook) so the door does not accidentally close again before you open up the inside of the rear gate. Good luck and much patience.

  • henry62 03/01/11 12:57 am PST

    I want to first say thank you for this site!

    In my case the handle on the back door snapped and it was a lever that goes in the door that broke off the handle.
    This lever goes through the door and pushes down on a lever that pulls the cable that opens the lock.
    So if this is what is happening you are going to be able do make "a small hook" from a piece of semi sturdy metal and push it through the hole for the lever and "find the lever on the inside" (this may take a little patience and intention) and push down on it.
    This will open your door without having to open up the panel from the inside.


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