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  • karjunkie 06/07/09 5:13 pm PST

    Its a good idea to clean the EGR valve every 40K miles or so. But the dealer was telling you a story about the engine blowing up. It will not blow up or suffer any damage, it will just run lousy and idle poorly if you don't clean it. The correct way to clean an EGR valve is to unbolt it from the intake manifold and clean with an old toothbrush and throttle body spray cleaner you can get at any auto parts store. Rarely do the vacuum hoses to the EGR need cleaning. I also suggest you regularly use a good tier one gasoline. It keeps everything much cleaner. I only use Shell or Chevron and I prefer Chevron because of the Techron additive. I also add a bottle of Techron Concentrate to a tank of gas every 10-15K miles. When I have pulled the IAC and EGR valves they have been very clean. Good luck!


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