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  • dan_juls 11/21/10 1:32 am PST

    Those codes all have to do with an internal switch inside your Automatic Transmission. The transmission internal mode switch (IMS) is a sliding contact switch attached to the selector detent inside the transmission side cover. The four inputs to the PCM indicate the position of the transmission range selector. The input voltage level at the PCM is high (B+) when the IMS is open and low when the switch is closed to ground. The four input parameters shown are Signals A, B, C and P (Parity).

    It could be as simple as a misadjusted cable from your shift lever, but it also could require replacing the IMS inside the Transmission cover. It is hard to estimate repairs without knowing the problem.
    Trouble codes are good because they tell you what is actig up, but they can't tell you what is causing the problem.

    Source: ASE certified Master Mechanic


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