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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/13/09 4:25 pm PST

    You may find these Youtube VIDEOS quite helpful:

  • skeet317 06/13/09 9:11 pm PST

    Thank you very much, I looked at several of them, have every confidence that I can do that job. I did try my hand last week at doing plug, dist. cap & rotor, and front brake pads. It takes me a bit longer than it should, but I'm very careful and meticulous, pay attention to all torque specs. Everything has been successful in my new endeavous so far. Hadn't thought about looking at you tube for information.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/13/09 10:07 pm PST

    I'm sure you'll be successful. Did you notice the suggestion in the video to pay particular attention to the upper strut bearing? Also if you need any rubber spring cushions, this is the time to buy install them.

  • skeet317 06/15/09 6:32 pm PST

    So I wasn't real successful so far. Started on the Rear. Put Jackstand on the axle, removed the driver side shock. I had removed the shipping strap on the shock. Started by attaching to top screws. Guess I just wasnt strong enough to compress the shock to get it on the connector on the bottom. Tried to use my floor jack for compress it and got it on the end of the threaded stud on the bottom but it seemed to be a bad angle. Wondered it I should have left the strap on, so tried with the other one.  slide the bottom on, but even with the shipping strap still on it won't rotate to the top because of the way the top has sides that you have to clear to get to the hole for the screws without compressing it. I guess I need more upper body strength :-)  I'm trying to figure a way to compress them more now.  Wondered it I will have this much trouble if I try to do the front ones.  They are not struts, just shocks. The top nut is just inside the access flap in the wheel well, it is to be removed through the lower control arm. It doesn't come with a shipping strap to compress it so initiall it looks easy.  But so did the back when I saw it on the video.  I had bought a video from AutoZone that is very good, but he didn't have the issues I did.  Oh well, I haven't given up yet. 


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