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  • docj 07/31/11 4:18 pm PST

    If this was just a fuel system problem,it will still start with a shot of starting fluid.
    Since it does not,then you need to start at square one.
    Check to see if you have spark.
    If there is no spark the PCM will not send ground to the fuel pump relay to run the pump.

    You need spark,fuel pressure,compression and injector pulse .

    Also,on this system the oil pressure switch is designed to take over fuel pump operation in the event the fuel pump relay was to fail so it wouldnt be a relay problem unless you by some chance had both a bad relay and oil pressure switch.Or a bad relay,and very low on oil....Doubt this...

    So start by checking all your fuses first,then check for spark...

    Lets see where this leads you

    And its not a carburetor,thats the throttle body

    Doc J


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