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  • jessman201 06/30/15 12:13 pm PST

    My 88 k1500s fuel pump went out the other day too. Just like yours i replaced it and it will bareley run. I can put it in drive but there is a massive loss of power in it. Iso i checked my fuel filter thinkin there could be a restriction in the line. The filter was in really bad shape, and since the autozone in town was closed i did my best to clean it. I put it back on and it ran great to work for me but on my lunch break it did the same thing as before as far as running rough and not going over 10 mph. I think the filter needs changed and wen i put the old one back on it might of let dirt particles into my pressure regulater by my injectors or past that and my injectors are clogged. Tonight i plan on cleaning my entire throttle body and putting a new filter on. I hope this helped u, it sounds like ur truck is doin the same mine is. Let me no if u have any luck n wat u find. Thanks


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