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  • karjunkie 01/09/09 9:06 am PST

    Because you have a flex fuel vhicle, there is a fuel composition sensor that tells the ECM what fuel you are using so it can compensate for it. Code P0179 means fuel composition sensor-high input. This can possibly be caused by contaminated fuel, a bad sensor, damaged or mis-routed harness, a bad connection at the connectors, etc. In the trouble-shooting information, it is mentioned that the fuel should be tested for contamination. I suggest you first try driving or draining the old fuel out and adding a tankful of good tier 1 gas like Chevron or Shell and resetting the code. If the light comes back, the next step is to change the fuel filter and again try to reset the code. This will cure the problem 90% of the time. If you still get the code, you'll need a new sensor but try to avoid this as it is expensive. Good luck!


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