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  • pgek48 11/26/09 10:56 pm PST

    In the past I've had similar tranny problems, and found "flushing" these automatic trannys, sometimes as much as three times, brough them back to life.

  • Stever@Edmunds 11/27/09 12:55 am PST

    There's a couple of different schools of thought about flushing transmissions. And there's "flushing" where you let the car's engine pump the old fluid out and power flushing where you use an external machine, sometimes with added chemicals.

    Check out this CarSpace Forums post for the con side.

    I think I'd try a simple drain and fill fluid change before flushing. You'd need to do that two or three times to get most of the fluid replaced.

  • snowball2 11/27/09 9:35 pm PST

    have you had this thing scanned for codes,there is trans fluid temp sensor inside the trans on the valve body that could cause this problem,another thing that could cause this is hard lip seals inside the trans,when the fluid is cold the lip seals just let the fuid blow by not applying the clutches,and as the fluid starts to warm up the seals soften up and start working the way they are designed to,quick check let the truck warm up for 15 to 20 minutes and see what happens dont bother doing any fluid filter change just yet,repost with results


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