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  • morin2 05/31/10 11:25 pm PST

    These kinds of noises are very hard for us to guess without hearing them. Maybe someday, we can get an audio feature to hear such sounds.

    Has the water pump been replaced or ruled out?

  • andrewshi 06/01/10 2:18 pm PST

    I uploaded the video of this noise:

    It doesn't sound like from water pump. is there any high voltage device there?
    Note: you may also hear some other squealing noise from alternator bearing (going to be replaced soon). But that's not constant.

  • morin2 06/01/10 8:08 pm PST

    Nice job with the youtube! That is noisy. And yes, it does sound like an alternator bearing. I wonder how much vibration is being transmitted by that bad bearing. My inclination would be to replace the alternator - which you know is bad, first & see if that allows you to better isolate the other noises. I can see where someone said vacuum leak - maybe with the bearing noise eliminated, it might be easier to pinpoint it.

  • andrewshi 06/11/10 5:52 pm PST

    Now, I have had the alternator replaced. And when the serpentine betl was off, I have started the engine for a few seconds and still heared that high pitched ringing noise. Could this be related to the engine's pully or vacuum leak? If it's vacuum leak, why I can't feel anything wrong while driving?

    I uploaded the noise on youtube:

  • andrewshi 06/19/10 10:47 pm PST

    It's the idle control valve. After it was cleaned, the noise is gone.


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