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  • karjunkie 11/22/08 8:44 am PST

    I think you have two separate problems. The popping sure sounds like the outer CV joints are worn out which you can check. Look to see if the CV boots are torn or have leaked grease. Most noticeable on older rubber or neoprene boots, any kind of dry-rot or weather-checking or tearing can cause serious problems. These boots serve as a seal to keep the lubricant in and the contaminants out of the joint. Any sign of aging will result in contaminants entering the joint. The other noise sounds like a bad right front wheel bearing. When you turn left you take load off the right wheel and the bearing noise goes away. Any good mechanic can diagnose either situation with a 5 minute test drive and inspection.

  • cmj0213 10/06/11 12:20 am PST

    i had the same prob with my 2004 ford explorer an it viberated an the tires was loud as well.Its the hub bearing on one or the other side.


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