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  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/02/09 1:08 pm PST

    You'd have to scan the car's computer for a trouble code is isolate this further.

  • bowdieburnell 11/30/11 11:09 am PST

    I have 2002 jeep had same issue. first you must hook up scanner (not just anyone will work) that tells you which switch is bad. the switch bad on mine was front passenger side located on radiator frame just under battery. had to buy switch from dealer, which came mounted on bracket i did not need. cost me 100 bucks. i took bracket off of new swtich, removed battery, lossened battery base plate (3 bolts that are 697" long at least it seemed like that), then had to pry up and loosen fuse assy/holder and shuv it out of the way...and then with tiny tiny hands and 10mm nut driver get in and take off old switch...then mount new switch (after you plug it in without damaging pins/connector take your time make sure its shuved in all the way !!!) then reassemble and discover when you start the freakin airbag light is still on..worry that you crushed the pins until you.take to friend who has progammer (10K) that will reset this fault, dealer has it or body shop will have it but it will cost you....not any programmer will reset this fault on your chrysler/jeep product...mine was cleared and now light is off and airbag should work if and when needed. could not find switch on ebay or online anwywhere. had to go to the ripoff scam send it up your chute dealer....now i have to replace rear shocks, rear brake disks and oil sending sensor....its my wife's car she let me drive it to work yesterday and i found more fixit opportunities...yipee...but i still like the vehichle....

    Source: first hand experience

  • pete0621 02/04/16 1:49 am PST

    I believe this is a recall issue. Check with your dealer.

    Source: Web research


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