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  • soulfinger 11/12/10 11:11 pm PST

    This is probably too late to help you, but it sounds like you were trying to remove the pan without first removing the engine. Unfortunately that major first step is necessary. Here are the instructions from the factory service manual.

    (1) Remove the engine (Refer to 9- ENGINE-REMOVAL)
    (2) Position the engine in a suitable engine stand.

    NOTE: Do not pry on oil pan or oil pan gasket. Gasket is integral to engine windage tray and does not come out with oil pan.

    (3) Remove the oil pan mounting bolts and oil pan.
    (4) Unbolt oil pump pickup tube and remove tube.
    (5) Remove the oil pan gasket/windage tray assembly from engine.

    Source: 2002 Factory Service Manual


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