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  • zaken 12/13/13 11:41 pm PST

    Looks like you have three different problems: The clank on a hard right turn indicates that one or more of the CV joints on the front axle are worn. There is an inner and outer CV joint on the right and left front axle. The click can come from the inner or outer joint on either axle.

    The floating sensation in the steering comes from play in either the steering box; or play in the tie rod ends or ball joints; or improper front wheel toe in angle. Steering box play can be taken out with the adjusting nut on the steering box; but when the box becomes worn too badly, that adjustment can't take all the play out.

    If the toe in angle of the front wheels is set too wide, it will make the car tend to wander from side to side as you try to go straight down the road. Having the toe in set correctly can do a lot to improve this; but worn tires can complicate this; and worn front end parts can make it impossible to properly adjust.

    Sounds like this truck either had a hard life; and/or has all sorts of miles on it.


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