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  • gryan1 02/07/10 10:05 pm PST

    Yes, it could be the sensor. In the owner's manual it will tell you about warm up time under starting your car in the very begining. The sensor should tell the computer to idle up the car for easier start and faster warm up. The manual will tell you that in cold weather starting if you leave the car idling it will use more gas. But it could also be that somewhere in the fuel system, like the tank, lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, ect. are getting dirty/clogged, or some cheap gas, or water in it. Could try some dry gas or gas treatment that you pour a bottle of in your tank when you get gas. Also if you have an in-line fuel filter that you can get at you should change it. But your filter may be in the tank and part of the pump. But putting a$3.00 bottle of treatment in and maybe using premium or changing an in-line filter for about $20.00 are a couple of cheap and easy things you could try. Also look near the intake for small black rubber hoses or plastic lines to see if any are broken, loose or disconnected and hook them back up. If that doesn't help you should have a diagnostic check at a service center. Look online a lot of places run specials or will do it for free. No matter what it should be between $20-$50.00. Good luck and God bless.

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/08/10 12:20 am PST

    You could try turning the key to ON for 4 or 5 seconds and listen for the fuel pump running. That may "pressurize" the system and help it start easier. If so, you may need to have your fuel system checked out.

  • sysco 03/14/11 10:24 pm PST

    I had a similar problem. Car was working great 68K miles on it but one morning I went to turn it on and it would not start. It would turn over but it seemed like either the starter wasn't catching, there was no gas, or no spark. So I tested the battery, then the starter, then all the fuses and it was all working.
    I had made an appointment with the dealership the next day. It was going to cost $150 to tow it, $90 to diagnose it, plus parts and additional labor.
    By luck I found a tow company that was half the price and they were a mechanic shop too. The guy told me that he could take a look at it and if he couldn't fix it that he would tow it to dealership at no charge.
    Well he fixed it. It's been a month and car has had no issues. Cost with parts $50. He told me the problem was a commen issue with Nissan Altimas and he had talked to a friend from dealership how verified it... it's been a month and I still can't belive what the problems was. I've owned 38 cars (including three motorcycles) and this was never an issue, you ready for it... dirty Air Filter

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