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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/15/08 11:18 am PST

    First of all, call the Toyota parts department and see if these bulbs are even replaceable, or if they are integral with the unit; if the parts people have a part number for the replacement bulbs, then ask them how to do it. Since you are buying something, they are more likely to ask around and get you that information. If there is no parts listing for the bulbs, this probably means you have to replace a module/printed circuit of some kind.

    No sense taking the whole thing apart only to find out that the bulbs are hard-wired in there.

  • leeor_net 11/01/10 2:35 pm PST

    The lighting in the instrument panel (that's what it's called, btw) is not a LED at all but a tiny bulb. In order to reach it you will need to pull off the cluster bezel, undo the screws holding the panel in place (be careful not to drop the screws because they can be very difficult to retrieve -- use a magnetic tipped screwdriver if you can find one), remove the dials (all but AC switch), disconnect the harness for the AC switch and pull off the instrument panel bezel. The bulbs slide out easily from their sockets. They have a green silicone cover which gives it that green appearance.

    There are two of these bulbs. They are JKL EWG203 bulbs (very tiny). They're pretty easy to find online. Take the silicone covering off the old bulbs, put them on the new bulbs, install the bulbs and reassemble the instrument panel.

    Source: I own a 2002 corolla and have done this myself.


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