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  • karjunkie 12/21/09 11:10 am PST

    EPC refers to the drive by wire system. This system, generally speaking, encompasses the throttle pedal and its position sensors (it needs to know where your gassin' foot is) and the throttle body. Most likely, the EPC light and its associated faults for this scenario are a symptom, not the problem. Meaning the actual root cause is causing the no-start/no crank issue AND fault codes related to the EPC system. If the car will not crank at all, the most likely root cause is a bad battery, starter or ignition switch, NOT the engine speed sensor. With a bad engine speed sensor, the car will still crank all damn day (or until the battery dies) but the car won't start.If the car cranks but wont start, then it is a sensor or relay in the EPC circuit, most likely the ECM power relay. Unfortunately, the only way to narrow it down is to go to the dealer or a mechanic with a VW VAG diagnostic scanner as a regular OBDII scan will not narrow it down for you.

  • torinofastback 01/13/10 9:59 pm PST

    Volkswagen has A recall on break light switch witch will cause epc light to come on but never seen it cause not to start try turning key on listen to see if you can here fuel pump run if you don't here it car will not run if you are mechanical you can check for power at pump conector.Lift back seat up remove cover under seat 3 screws and you will find wire conector have somebody turn key on put your hand on top pump housing if the the pump runs you will feel it.If you don't feel it come on unplg conector use test light on red wire have some body tur key on if test light lights up then fule pump is bad if it doesn't the problem is most likely fuel pump relay VW tech 27 years with dealer I hope the info helps you thats if your motor turns over but will not start good luck.


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