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  • snowball2 09/27/09 2:49 pm PST

    no you should not have to do that,when pressing the brake pedal can you here any type of noise from the shifter area,and there should be a spot on your shifter console to insert something,this is a park release override

    If so, Ok,now what you need to do is get your hands on a manual for this truck because you have to start checking the circuits for problem it easy just to replace parts if you have the money to throw away,you have to check to see if that switch is getting power and or ground to the release solenoid,we already know the switch is getting power because the brake lights work,but it could still be that switch,the solenoid release part of it could still be bad.

    take a flashlight and look at the metal arm attached to your brake pedal,maybe 3/4 way up there will be switch with 1 to 2 plugs in it one of them is torque converter lockup release and the other one is the brake light/shifter release this actuates the park release solenoid

    This is why you will need a manual for the wiring pictures and colors


  • 0patience 09/27/09 2:56 pm PST

    Turn the key to where it just releases the steering wheel, but doesn't turn anything on.
    Set the park brake and shift into neutral. Start the vehicle and now you will be able to shift.

    Check to make sure you have brake lights. As was stated, it gets powere through the brake pedal switch, so if you don't have brake lights, then you don't have power to the shift actuator.

    Guess you aren't gonna answer the question as to whether your brake lights work or not?

    And use the Answer this Question to reply, so's we don't have to chase posts.


  • Stever@Edmunds 09/27/09 4:32 pm PST

    You can reply in this thread by clicking the Answer this Question button and that will help keep all the information in one spot. Thanks!

  • snowball2 09/27/09 5:26 pm PST

    already answered


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