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  • in_the_wind 07/13/09 9:51 am PST

    This may be a little tricky. They had a recall on instrument panels, but I believe that it was reimbursed up to 80,000 miles. I would check with the dealership with your VIN number to see if this is still qualified for replacement and or reimbursment. I had even called GM on medium duty trucks that I had the same problem with but they would not cover it. There was a settlement notice on and effective as of March 10th, 2009. Please make sure you are a class member before replacement or reimbersment or you will be paying for this yourself.

  • gmctech 11/02/09 4:13 pm PST

    I have seen several cases repaired with a new ignition switch, (electrical side). When you start the truck there are several power outputs, including one that powers the IPC, etc. IF there is no/or intermittent output from the switch, gauges will not operate. Some vehicles you will notice no torque converter lockup also, as they are powered by the same circuit.


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