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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/12/08 2:34 pm PST

    My approach to AC problems is always "back to basics", which means first of all testing the system for leaks, proper pressure and proper amount of refrigerant and proper AC compressor clutch operation. Once the mechanicals are checked, then you can go into the fancier electronics. If your compressor is cycling on and off, for instance, that would give you the symptoms, and suggest low freon (maybe). I can't tell if you have automatic or manual AC/Heat control but if electronic then yeah, the control module could be failing to send the right signal to the compressor to switch on.

    Having the control module fail so quickly suggests that maybe it wasn't the problem in the first place. Are you going to a well-trained AC specialist? A regular shop can't often deal with anything beyond the basics.

  • obyone 06/12/08 3:37 pm PST

    I find it odd that they replace the compressor in August and the evaporator core in May. Sounds like a band aid type of repair. If they indeed had changed the evaporator core you shouldn't have that stale air smell as that is from mold, dust, dirt, and others that are lodged/growing in the evaporator core. Seems like they didn't change the drier unit either.

    I'd take it back to the shop and have them fix it as it seems you have a freon leak.


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