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  • jimt73 08/04/13 5:23 pm PST

    Hi Lisa, I just bought a 2003 Pt as well and it ran hot on the way home and I was wondering did you figure out anything with yours. I have been looking on line and the over heating for these is really a common problem with no real soluctions just so many people spending alot of money trying to fix the problem with little results. I just got it yesterday but I'm going to fix this one way or another.
    As far as replacing your fan blades , I would not think so, they hardly ever wear out, unlike the fan motors, but I did see on line that most of the time thats not the case either, its usally the fan motor contacts to the plug and fan, or one of two fan relays that are in the jumper box behind the battery. Also alot of the time the radiater cap needs replacing or the cooling system has an air bubble in it and you can bleed it out through the bleeder under the cap. Some said that the thermostat needs replacing regularly and others say the radiaters get stopped up easily and need flushing out or replacing. Anyways I hope this might help you. Let me know how things go. Yours truely,Jim

  • jimt73 08/04/13 5:31 pm PST

    Hi again Lisa, I just thought that I would explain that the bleeder is not under the cap as I had wrote but located right below the cap on the stiem part of the filling port. Its a little thing made of metal , kind of like a little nipple, not hard to find. Also I have wread online that some people have wired the fan to a switch directly and fixed thier problem. I may do this to mine but probably wire it to the fuse box so that its on when the key is on. I hope this helps,Jim

  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/04/13 11:59 pm PST

    If the car does not overheat while idling in traffic, it cannot possibly be the fan motor, so that's a bad piece of advice. Whoever replaced your temperature gauge should give you your money back as well.

    The causes for overheating can be complex. Since you overheat going uphill, when the engine works the hardest, and never overheats in traffic, then you do not have an AIR circulation issue, but rather a COOLANT circulation problem.

    This could be (just a few of many possibilities):

    bad/stuck thermostat

    bad (clogged radiator)

    insufficient coolant level/air trapped in coolant

    bad head gasket

    cracked cylinder head

    defective water pump

    slipping accessory belt (that drives water pump)

    collapsing radiator hoses at high speed (old, soft hoses).


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