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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/31/08 1:07 pm PST

    I'd suspect your ignition switch. Did anyone test for current to a) the starter relay and b) the ignition coil? Your ignition switch controls both these functions.

  • hrtzogold 05/31/08 2:32 pm PST

    No, no one has checked that yet. How do we go about checking that ourselves? Where is it located?

  • nichole728 05/26/09 10:55 am PST

    I also have an 03 Caravan. Same issues. Stalls while driving and will sometimes restart right away, sometimes hours or even days later. I changed some things myself: relays, fuses, and then the electrical part of the starter switch. None of this helped so I took it in to the dealer and they replaced the negative battery cable and wiring harness that was corroded, replaced the fuel filter, and replaced spark plugs and wires. They thought that it was dying because of the fuel filter and not restarting because of the battery cable. NOT! It stalled again two days later and will not restart. Of course the mechanic only said "sorry about your luck, you can bring it back and we can try some more things." (in not so many words). I don't have a money tree growing in my back yard so I think I will not let them guess some more at my expense! After researching online, I see this is a common problem and might be the PCM, or computer.

  • tbird14369 05/31/10 10:29 am PST

    I am having the EXACT same problem... If anyone finds anything out, please let me know!!!!!! I barely have enough money to keep the darn thing on the road let alone letting a mechanic "explore" the problem at $65/hour...

  • roryw 08/21/10 12:09 am PST

    I don't know if I have the answer yet. I am currently working on a 03 Caravan, I replaced the ignition switch with no progress. The same result. I do have an Idea that I am going to try tomorrow. I noticed that there is a imoblizer switch on the ignition that is suppose to read the chip in the key. I was told that I could get it reset. If I can't get it reset, I will get it replaced. This is the only thing that I can think of at this time. I will let you know what I find out.

  • k4melvis 11/25/12 12:34 pm PST

    I'm having the same problem. I have a backyard mechanic friend who it pretty good but cannot solve the problem. I did think it was the ignition switch so he put a new one in and it still would not crank. All the lights and everything come on fine but nothing happens.

    Here's the thing. When I called the dealer to get a price on the new ignition switch (parts department) they told me the ignition switch would have to be coded before it would work. I don't have a security system in my van so my friend didn't think it needed to be coded.
    I don't have the kind of keys that have a chip in them.
    It's a 2003 caravan sport.

    Could this be all of our problems - that it needs to be coded?
    Just put a brand new battery in it, checked all the fuses - you name it.
    I will talk to some experts tomorrow and reply again.

  • jim647 08/05/14 2:12 pm PST

    My security light is on for the most part. The only security I have is factory (chipped key). Dodge dealer service rep asked,do both keys have the same problem (yes). I was told there is a module in the computer that needs replacement. $200cdn for part and $300 labor to reprogram keys. I have not done this to date. My fear is that there is a ground in the wiring harness due to tilt steering. (pink and white wire). Neighbor had same van with same problem. Does Dodge know something? These are heavy maintenance fees. Is this similar to Chevrolet. Should this not be a recall???


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